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Types of Disputes We Handled

Areas and scope of Services

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Divorce can be especially challenging in the modern legal landscape. Uroboros Mediations strives to alleviate some of the stress of determining the scope and guidelines of divorce proceedings. Uroboros Mediations can now provide mediations regarding Custody, Child Support, Alimony, Equitable Distribution, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO), and Pre-Birth Orders. Interested parties can conduct a mediation to establish the parameters of these facets of family law or modify an already ratified agreement. Uroboros Mediations can refer parties/disputants to attorneys or can obtain an attorney to draft an enforceable order to file with the courts. Any other non-court mediations can be performed as well.

It is always a comfort to return home after a long day of work, so you can properly prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. It can irritating to deal with strifes regarding your roommate not doing their share of the housework, loud neighbors blasting music, not getting a response from your landlord about the leaky faucet, or finding out that you need to repair a hole in the drywall of your property. Mediation can help your reach a satisfactory agreement that can is mutual beneficial for all parties. Uroboros Mediations can help you solve this landlord-tenant, neighbors, and cohabitation disputes, so you can properly unwind in your abode or ensure you make the the profit on your rental space. 

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As a working professional or employer, there are several important elements of occupational and organizational life to consider, including corporate culture, work-life balance, business formation/dissolution, team synergy, and diversity/inclusion as just a few examples. Uroboros Mediations aims to quell organizational issues before anyone files a complaint and summons. Pre-suit mediations concerning employment issues can prevent any potential escalation, and the results of the mediation may ensure a newfound harmony between employees, employers, and the overall objectives of the organization. In serving your employment needs, we aim to provide innovative mediation techniques and empathy to aid in conflict resolution.

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We deal with dozens of transactions daily, transactions empowered by contractual agreements that we explicitly or implicitly ratify. Discrepancies can arise amidst our daily transactions in numerous ways. The product you purchased is not functioning as advertised. The contract you reached with another company is not honored in the fashion you would like. Laws, regulations, or processes have been modified, repealed, or enacted. While there is potential for acrimony, there is always the possibility of mediating before starting a lawsuit. Uroboros Mediations conducts pre-suit mediations, expediting the process of resolving contractual disputes. Whether the dispute is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, Uroboros Mediations can assist you.


At Uroboros Mediations, our mission is to provide mediation services to unserved populations.  We hope to reach out to members of the LGBTQ+ community to aid in resolutions that can remedy the specific conflicts that queer folks faces. Specifically, we hope to mitigate familial issues by preventing teenage homelessness while the parents can still safeguard their values and sensibilities. The utilization of Uroboros Mediations in all types of LGBTQ+ conflicts will prevent the formation of dysfunctional dynamics in the family, workplace, and at society at larger.

drafting and Limitations

There are no attorney-mediators at Uroboros Mediations. Our job is to ease tension and relieve stress, not to provide legal strategy. We do have a list of our attorney referrals to draft necessary agreements.

At this point, Uroboros Mediations cannot mediate Superior Court cases, and can only conduct pre-suit mediation for employment and contractual disputes. We now can handle all domestic cases with self-represented litigants and can be chosen as a party-selected mediator in a domestic court case.


We know that everyone has a busy schedule. Uroboros Mediations provides mediation services seven days a week, and we can also conduct mediations after 5 PM to accommodate our clients’ needs.