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How I ENtered the Mediation realm:

"Since I was three years old, I’ve had a passion for justice. As a child, I was highly concerned with fairness for all individuals. For the majority of my education, I have focused on engaging with two distinct concepts: why people behave the way they do, and how they assert control in their lives. As an undergraduate, double majoring in Political Science and Psychology helped to deepen my understanding of these concepts. After college, I sought clarity on which career path would empower my desire for fairness. I enrolled in and graduated from the paralegal program at the Mecklenburg Court Courthouse and took on an internship that turned into a job, giving me a front row seat to the justice system and many of its functions.

In my three years at the courthouse, the most illuminating lesson I’ve learned is pretty simple: fairness is genuinely achievable through the active engagement of all participants. Each entity involved in a court case must be intentional and deliberate in their involvement with all aspects affecting the case. The litigants must initiate and maintain the legal action, the court administration must manage the case, the attorneys must litigate the issues in dispute, and the judges must adjudicate based on the claims offered.

My observations have illustrated that people often do not fully understand the limitations and implications of the other actors in their court case, and that misunderstanding has lead to ire, sorrow, and discontentment with the outcome of their litigation. Uroboros Mediations seeks to provide an alternative pathway. The primary objective of the company is to provide a process that allows people to empower themselves to reach a resolution. When people can act to form their own compromise, one that is mutually agreed upon, they are much more likely to honor that agreement. As a mediator, I aim to broker settlements that bring closure to conflict. That brokerage will be reinforced by an acknowledgment of the importance of people's cultural and contextual differences. A combination of knowledge, technique, and heart will create the best possible environment to mediate conflict in a way that encompasses my principles of justice and fairness."

- Salim Uqdah, Owner of Uroboros Mediations