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Providing affordable mediation services to unserved populationS

Why might you be interested in mediation services? What exactly is mediation? Mediation is the process of deliberating with two conflicting parties to come to a mutual agreement. A mediator acts as a neutral negotiator, helping both sides reach a fair resolution.

In an age that stresses intersectionality, all professions must account for and embrace diversity in all its forms. Uroboros Mediations embodies these principles by acknowledging and accepting cultural differences, appreciating the nuance of each client's unique experience. We bring professionalism and extensive procedural and judicial knowledge to every case, adapting to our clients’ individual needs and concerns. The mission of Uroboros Mediations, LLC is to provide low-cost mediation services to everyday people.

Mediator Salim Uqdah has three years of experience working with the Mecklenburg Courthouse in various departments and relaying complex legal information and procedure to the public and legal professionals. His emotional intelligence and ability to comprehend and convey complex legal language make him both an asset and an ally in conflict resolution. Uroboros Mediations, LLC seeks to bring new faces and diverse perspectives into the realm of mediation to heighten awareness of the breadth of individuals’ experiences and foster social harmony in our community.

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SCOPE of Services


The modern world seems more adversarial than ever, but that does not have to impact the relationships that are most important to you. Let Uroboros Mediations handle divorce proceedings amicably. Whether with your spouse, significant other, roommate, landlord, or friend, we hope to assist clients in finding clarity and closure with their closest connections.

Cohabitation & Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Your home is your sanctuary. Don't let the conflicts with your roommates, neighbors, or landlords spoil your inner peace at your home. Let Uroboros Mediations swiftly handle these spats before you put energy into a new living arrangement, tenant or court filing. Uroboros Mediations can mediate neighbor disagreements, separation/cohabitation mediations, and landlord-tenants conflicts. 

LGBTQ+ Disputes

Uroboros Mediations is LGBTQ Business Enterprise and is highly interested in mediating LGBTQ+ centered conflicts. Whether is a family issue that needs a certain amount of awareness or employment dispute that will impact company morale and culture; Uroboros Mediations can assist in trying to reach practical solutions that will satisfy all parties involved.

Employment Disputes

Some people live to work; others work to live. No matter what your style, no one wants to work in a hostile environment or with lingering interpersonal issues. We can help to reach a resolution before you find yourself in court. Whether you are an owner, employer, or employee, let us help with your pre-suit professional problems.

Contractual Disputes

There are times in business where the scope or specifics of a contract are in dispute. Before you head to the courthouse, Uroboros Mediations can assist you. Whether it is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, pre-suit mediation may be just what you need to handle your problem.


Uroboros Mediations aims to provide the highest level of professional service, but we are limited in our scope. If you need legal advice, you will have to hire a licensed attorney. Our mediator is a non-attorney who is bound by confidentiality during mediations only. Any communication before or after mediation must be shared with all parties unless written consent is obtained. For your protection, do not send sensitive identification information via email correspondence such as Social Security Numbers or Birth Certificates.


We welcome attorney representation at Uroboros Mediations. An attorney can protect and preserve your legal rights and will act in your best interest. Attorneys can reach out to Uroboros Mediations on behalf of their clients to schedule mediations.

Limited English proficiency

Uroboros Mediations prides itself on being accessible to the greater international community. If English is not your first language or you have a limited English-speaking ability, we will make every effort to acquire an interpreter at an additional cost.


Our desire is to provide innovative mediation techniques infused with empathy to aid in conflict resolution.
— Salim Uqdah


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For job opportunities, please email us your resume. We are always looking for new and exceptional professionals that can provide unique skills and perspectives to grow Uroboros Mediations to new levels of excellence.

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Please do not include confidential or sensitive information in your message. Uroboros Mediations maintain confidentiality within all mediations, but the rules require all parties to share pre- and post-mediation communications. For your safety don't provide sensitive personal information like Social Security Numbers in email correspondences.